Our Story

What started as a little project to help out a friend who was looking for some extra pocket money for her family during Ramadhan quickly became a phenomenon. With zero experience in F&B industry and very little money, they set out to create the BEST tasting halal Taiwanese dessert with the goal of being able to deliver them to any household in Malaysia!

Their story of hard work and perseverance serves as inspiration to anyone looking to follow their dreams. You can learn about their journey below.

How did this all begin?

When the world was hit with the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease in 2020, and everyone had to stay at home and was not allowed from doing any outside activities, Shazwani Hamid the founder, who is a mother of two was looking for some activities to do with her bored kids during the lockdown. They painted drawings, they baked, they cooked and they made homemade play dough and some other activities together during those times. In April 2020, Shazwani decided to make taro balls with her kids for the first time, after watching a recipe from YouTube, and fell in love instantly with the dessert! Since then, every other month, whenever she craves for it she would make them but tweaked the recipe every time, to find that perfect tasting taro balls! She combined the recipe on YouTube that she saw and the recipe that her mother once taught her when she was younger. Growing up, Shazwani tasted all sorts of delicious traditional Malaysian desserts made from scratch by her mother using only natural ingredients. So she learned the secrets and techniques of cooking many wonderful desserts from her mother. She grew up in a modest family that has always pursuing a healthy lifestyle with home cooked meals every day. So for many generations, Shazwani’s family has always been emphasising in only using natural sources of ingredients. Hence, she created TaiWani’s Dessert to introduce to Malaysians to the wonderfully natural, authentic and sumptuous Taiwanese desserts, the Malaysian way!

In April 2021, she and her husband decided to help out their friend to find some extra income by selling these delicious desserts in Ramadhan as it has been requested by Shazwani’s followers on social media to sell it for iftar – They’ve been seeing her making it since a year before on her social media, and so they would like to try the dessert. It was supposed to be a 3-day "project" only, but she found herself getting hundreds of requests to purchase the dessert every single day. Her passion quickly grew into a business and as the reputation of the product grew, and the response was so overwhelming, she couldn’t handle too many requests. So that’s when the idea of sharing the cake with everyone else came about. With so many people who are jobless during these trying times, instead of just helping their friend, they wanted to help out other families as well by creating a system that would allow TaiWani’s Dessert to be distributed to most household in Malaysia and let Malaysian taste their delicious dessert as well as helping out other families especially those who are impacted with this pandemic to earn extra income.

Even though they are still new, but they would continue to grow and innovate, constantly to create new products for their customers. To this day, everything they do is still homemade and handmade from scratch, freshly cooked for hours daily to ensure the natural flavor of each ingredient can be tasted in each and every spoonful. They wouldn't have it any other way!