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TaiWani's Dessert

AiYu Jelly

AiYu Jelly

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A perfect thirst-quenching dessert that is both healthy and delicious especially having it in our hot tropical afternoon. So what is Ai-Yu Jelly? Ai-Yu jelly is a jelly made from the gel of the seeds of a variety of fig, and is commonly found in Taiwan. Ai-Yu  愛玉 jelly means fig jelly. To produce it, the Ai-Yu seeds are first placed into a cloth bag and then submerged into cold water. After massaging the bag of seeds, the Ai-Yu seeds will release a gel-like substance, which will eventually turn into jelly through refrigeration. The texture is similar to agar agar and konyanku, and makes a light and refreshing dessert! 

We mix it with longan and added some lemon juice to it. This dessert is great for the summer/ hot weather because it's sooo refreshing!

What's in the bowl?

  • Ai-Yu Jellies
  • Longan
  • Honey Lemon juice
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