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TaiWani's Dessert

Glutinous Rice Balls (Sweet Dumplings) with Milk

Glutinous Rice Balls (Sweet Dumplings) with Milk

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Glutinous Rice Balls or Sweet Dumplings is one of the traditional Chinese snacks. It is a globular food with fillings. It is the most characteristic food of the Lantern Festival and the Winter Solstice Festival. It has a long history in China. In Taiwan, they have many different kinds of glutinous rice balls flavors. Apart from the classic black sesame and peanut flavors, there are now many other flavors like matcha, caramel candy, chocolate, strawberry, and even boba tea! Our homemade glutinous rice balls taste a lot better than store bought ones! Our menu consists of a delightfully springy glutinous rice ball, filled with a sweet red bean paste that also provides textural contrast. It is eaten with a sweet soup. Try today!

What's in the bowl?

6-7 pieces of Glutinous rice balls with red bean fillings
Palm Sugar 

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