Signature Taro Balls

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This is our BEST SELLER! This classic Taiwanese dessert will satisfy every sugar craving! Each taro and sweet potato ball is wonderfully chewy and made with all natural ingredients! Our taro balls has no colorings, no artificials, no preservatives…but just fantastic vitamin and minerals! So it’s perfect for kids and adult! ❤️

This is a traditional delicious Taiwanese dessert but a muslim home made delicacy! So rest assured, it’s 100% halal! We make them fresh everyday using the finest ingredients!

Every bowl consists of 10 to 12 pieces of taro balls, some grass jelly, sea coconut and white fungus. Those chewy balls is best served with a chilled sweetened creamy milk with ice! You may add sweet beans, tofu pudding or grass jelly drinks to make it taste even better! 👍