TaiWani's Bites: Taiwanese Assorted Mochi (3 pieces)

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Taiwanese mochi which is a sticky rice cake often comes with bean paste fillings. Mochi was called "doushu" (bean rice cake) in early Taiwanese society but later became better known as "mochi" under the influence of the Japanese dessert "wagashi" during the Japanese colonial period. This treat is one of the representative delicacies of Taiwan's aboriginal and Hakka cultures. This little snack has now went global and is loved by many including us!

This soft and chewy homemade mochi is made with glutinous rice flour and stuffed with delicious milky paste. Made completely from scratch, these Taiwanese inspired dessert tastes sweet, nutty, earthy and with a hint of vanilla! The mochi shell had a chewy bite to it, whereas the filling is pillowy soft and sweet. This mochi is definitely chewy, soft, and super addicting!